Gray-Nicolls Australia/New Zealand is proud to announce a core initiative for the future, ENVYRO.

ENVYRO will see Gray-Nicolls use sustainable production and packaging to ensure the environment is carefully considered as we produce hundreds of thousands of sporting equipment, apparel and teamwear items each year. 

ENVYRO is the ultimate goal for working towards a sustainable future.

As an organisation, Gray-Nicolls is proud to use recycled and sustainable materials, which are then packaged in an environmentally ways.

As a team at Gray-Nicolls Australia/New Zealand, we are continually discussing ways we as a business can help our environment; what measures can we put in place now to protect our future? How can we reduce our impact on the environment? What can we reduce or re-use? What can we do better?

Built from inspiration brought to the table from product workshops and bringing together a passionate team with the plan of ‘making a sustainable difference’, ENVYRO was born.

Whilst we are still in its infancy , it's an important company milestone where we will use  'recycled and sustainable materials', that is packaged in 'environmentally friendly packaging' to both Retail and Teamwear clients across all of our Heritage Brands.

The opportunities are endless and this is only the beginning of the Gray-Nicolls journey

The ENVYRO logo will proudly be used across each and every Gray-Nicolls product and will first appear in 2022.